Francine Nebulon is a young telekinetic and telepathic Verdigrean girl. She's the little sister of Lloyd.


Francine was born to Nora Li Nebulon and an unknown Verdigrian male sometime between the years of X21-X22. Ever since she was born, she has been a nuisance to Lloyd and his friends, mostly due to her whiny attitude and telekinetic and telepathic powers.


Francine acts sweet and cute around adults (mainly her mother), but she is manipulative and cunning with Lloyd and his friends. She uses her younger sibling status, telepathy, and telekinesis to get what she wants. Despite constantly harassing Lloyd, she admits to him that she loves him and that he is the world's best brother.




  • (To Lloyd) "Tell me you love me Lloyd!"
  • (To Lloyd) "Lloyd! Your dumb friend Douglas is here!"
  • "I love you Rosie!"


  • She is voiced by Nicolette Little.
    Nicolette Little

    Nicolette Little

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