Lloyd Changes His Mind
Season 02, Episode 04
Air Date November 3, 2001
Previous Pet Wars
Next Boomer's Secret Life

Lloyd Changes His Mind is the fourth episode of the first season of Lloyd in Space, which was first broadcast on November 3, 2001.


Lloyd is sick and tired of Francine always reading his mind. To fix this problem, Douglas gives him a prototype mind scrambler which can theoretically block that. Unfortunately, when Francine tries to read Lloyd's mind with the helmet on, there's an unfortunate side effect - they switch bodies! At first Francine likes being in Lloyd's body, but when she sees how hard it is to be a teenager, she wants to switch back. At that point however, Lloyd has gotten used to the easy life of a preschooler and doesn't want to. But when he finds out that Francine (in his body) is sent on a field trip to see an eclipse on Darkon 5, where there'll be total darkness, which Francine is deathly afraid of, he sets out to save her. Will he succeed?

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