That's Debatable
Season 3, Episode 5
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The Thrilla At Interpidvilla

That's Debatable is the fifth episode of the third season of "Lloyd in Space."

Quotes Edit

Douglas: Actually, I'm not fine at all! Tomorrow is the most important day of my entire life! You promised to help me prepare for it, and now here I find you're made other plans!

Lloyd: Oh, yeah. Oops.

Douglas: Oops, indeed! All week long, you've been splashing in the pool and gallivanting with a bevvy of beauties, while I've been here busting my cerebrum night and day!

Lloyd: Hey, hold on, Douglas. We did have a deal--you were gonna work, and I was gonna have fun.

Douglas: Well, it was an idiotic deal! I need help! Can't you stop frolicking long to see that?! I swear, Lloyd, you are the most selfish boy I have ever met!

Lloyd: You wouldn't even be here if it weren't for me.

Douglas: Just forget it!

Lloyd: Okay, I will!

Douglas: Fine!

Lloyd: Fine! I'm gonna go take a bath!

Douglas: Good riddance!

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