The Big 1–3
Season 1, Episode 1
S0101 image
Air Date February 3, 2001
Next Double Date

The Big 1–3 is the first episode of Season 1 of "Lloyd in Space" which premiered on February 3, 2001.


Lloyd has turned thirteen, and after boasting about him now "being a man", he has to do a report on what it's like to be one. As a result, he tries to act more "adult", with negative results.

Cast and charactersEdit

Character Actor
Lloyd Nebulon Courtland Mead
Eddie Horton Justin Shenkarow
Douglas McNoggin Pamela Hayden
Kurt Blobberts Bill Flagerbakke
Nora Nebulon April Winchell
Francine Nebulon Nicolette Little
Station Brian George
Mrs. Bolt Tress MacNeille
Brittany Boviak Anndi McAffee
Megan Uno Rachel Crane
Larry Eddie Deezen
Grandpa Leo Brian Doyle-Murray
Talking toast machine
Lord Voon
Kevin Michael Richardson
Dunkirque Dan Castelleneta
Talking vaccum cleaner Bobby Costanzo
Talking washing machine Marvin Kaplan
Boomer Deidrich Bader
Officer Frank Horton Clancy Brown
Officer Tino Insana
Monster Frank Welker
Lauren Tom
Kids E.G. Daily

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